It's clean, safe, tasty and inexpensive! It's the water provided by the Williamstown Borough Authority.
Hello and Welcome to the new Williamstown Borough Authority Website! We hope you find the site valuable with information and the ability to update your Swiftreach - Swift 911 contact information.

Rate Increase

Williamstown Borough Authority is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Williamstown Borough Authority Water Rate Increase for 2023
Starting January, 2023, the water rates will increase $2.00 per month or $6.00 quarterly.

Authority Term Opening Notice

The Williamstown Borough Authority Board has (TWO) openings for 2024. They are a five-year term, with one ending in 2025 and the other ending in 2026. Letters of Interest need to be sent to the Williamstown Borough no later than Monday, May 6th 2024 at 2:30PM. Candidates must live in Williamstown and have at least one service provided by the Authority. Letters of Interest can be mailed to Williamstown Borough, 200 S. West Street, Ste A, Williamstown, PA 17098. Please mark on your envelope "Letter of Interest". Please contact Rikki Kasper at 717-647-4848 for more information.